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Final preparations

What's up everyone?

We are thrilled to present the first Run for Europe newsletter! While we're a bit delayed (by 20 days), we're excited to get started and share our adventure with you.

In case you missed it, our mission is to run a marathon in every EU country (excluding Cyprus, Malta, and Ireland). Accompanying me on this journey are my cousin Enzo, a physiotherapist, and Marcel, a professional filmmaker whom I met while organizing a TEDx event in Lisbon.

In each newsletter, we'll share our experiences: The good, the bad and the ugly, as we travel through each country. Although I am the primary author, Enzo and Marcel will also contribute, and we'll clearly identify the writer.

To catch up on our content, we'll send out a newsletter every day until we're back on track. To begin, here are some pictures from the days leading up to our departure.

Ronny picked me up at the airport in Basel where I landed at around midnight. From there we had a one and a half hour ride to Kehl, and left for Stuttgart at 6.30 the next morning.

We picked up our Volkswagen Grand California 600 from Camperboys Van in Stuttgart the next morning, which proved to be the perfect tiny house on wheels for our journey. The team was exceptional in providing us with excellent service and support. After loading up products from our other sponsors, Maxi Nutrition, Compressport, and Altra, we took a quick lunch and headed to Lyon to meet Marcel and Enzo.

We spent two days finalizing our preparations and getting everything sorted before beginning our journey. We appreciate your support and encourage you to share our newsletter with friends and family.


Rapha and the Run For Europe team

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